Winter Exceptional Estates Auction

Saturday, February 12th, 2022, at 12PM ET.
No in-house bidding — you may bid with us online, absentee or by phone.

Gallery open for preview 10-5 Friday, February 11th, or by appointment, at our new location, 5251 110th Ave N, Suite 118, Clearwater.

Fine art, historical items, coins, jewelry and other collectible items. 

This month’s highlights include:

— A CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL, awarded to the first to volunteer to be infected with yellow fever, as well as a handwritten letter from Walter Reed and other items. An important and exceptionally rare historical collection.

— Paintings and other art, including ROBERT STARK, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, JOHN F. FRANCIS, John Mather, ROBERT GRUPPE, William Berra, David Burliuk, Jean Richardson, William Pachner, Salvador Dali, BERT SEABOURN, several antique Chinese scroll watercolor paintings, as well as bronze sculptures

– Rare photographs by HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON, Karl Moon, Clyde Butcher

— Several figurines, including the massive and rare Lladro, “Cinderella’s Arrival” and Daum pate de verre pieces

— SATCHEL PAIGE signed baseball

— Large selection of graded and raw coins, including gold and silver

— Jewelry, including gold, silver and platinum, with diamonds and other stones

— Many more fine estate items

Online bidding available at the links below. Phone bids (greater of $100 or posted opening bid) and absentee bids accepted; please complete the form below. Phone and FaceTime previews available week of sale.

PLEASE NOTE OUR TERMS REGARDING INVOICES, PAYMENTS AND SHIPPING. When you register to bid through any of our venues, you agree to our terms. 

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March 12, 2022

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